What is UPSC, new students how to prepare for UPSC (UPSC Full Form)?

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What is UPSC? UPSC Full Form Kya Hai | What is UPSC Syllabus? How to Apply for UPSC Exam | UPSC Exam Date (UPSC Full Form)?

Friends, today we will give you complete information about what is UPSC and how to prepare for UPSC , as you know what is the importance of education in today’s era and an educated person does any work well, whether it is a government job. Do a private job or your own business but it is very important to be educated. The level of education in our country has become much better than before and it is the dream of every student to study and write a job on a good post. are that UPSC should to prepare. And what is its importance for a student and will also tell what should be its qualification.

What is UPSC exam?

Before telling about the UPSC exam, we want to tell you the full form of UPSC, the full form of UPSC is ‘Union Public Service Commission’. Most of the students in our country India, after passing the graduation examination, think that which profession you should adopt. So for your information, let us tell you that after graduation, you can appear in the UPSC exam, it is conducted by the central government and the government is appointed by UPSC for different civil services and its examination. For Indian Civil Services Recruitment i.e. UPSC examinations are arranged. It is a very difficult exam, it is through the UPSC exam that IPS IFS IAS etc. officers are made who serve the country.

What is UPSC

Establishment of UPSC

  • The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) was established on October 1, 1926.
  • UPSC’s official website is.
  • The headquarters of UPSC is in New Delhi.
  • UPSC conducts Civil Services Examination every year in the country, it is one of the toughest exams in India.
  • Selected candidates under UPSC are recruited for Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Revenue Service (IRS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS) etc.
  • UPSC conducts the examination for the recruitment of level A and level B officers in various fields.
  • UPSC consists of a chairman and 10 members. Their term is of six years.
What is UPSC, new students how to prepare for UPSC (UPSC Full Form)?

What are the functions covered under UPSC?

  • To conduct examinations for appointment to the services for the Union.
  • Direct recruitment by selection by interview
  • Appointment of officers by promotion/ deputation/ absorption.
  • Preparation and amendment of recruitment rules for various services and posts under the Government.
  • Disciplinary matters relating to various civil services.
  • To advise the Government in any matter referred to the Commission by the President of India.

Exams to be conducted by UPSC

  • CSE (Civil Service examination)
  • ESE (Engineering Service Examination)
  • CDSE (Combined Defence Service Exam
  • IFS (Indian Forest Service)
  • NDA (National Defence Examination)

UPSC Exams Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services exam consists of 2 papers, the first paper is civil service aptitude test paper and the second paper is general studies or general ability test. The first paper is of 200 marks, which is given in 2 hours. In which some of the questions asked are as follows –

  • Contemporary events of national and international importance
  • History of India and National Movement of India
  • Geography of India and the World
  • Indian Political Science and Governance Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights, Problem etc.
  • Economic and social development, sustainable development, poverty, inclusive growth and other social and economic problems
  • Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Change
  • general Science

The marks of the first paper are not added to the second paper, so it is mandatory to pass this exam. In which some of the questions asked are as follows –

  • read the post and answer on the basis of it
  • communication skill
  • reasoning questions
  • Decision making and problem solving questions
  • mental aptitude questions
  • basic math questions
  • statistics related questions

Mains ka syallbus

There are 9 papers in this exam, out of which two papers are of 300 marks, in which it is necessary to pass. But these numbers are not added in the final exams. Apart from this, there are 7 papers in the essay, 4 papers of general studies and 2 optional papers. The paper which is of 250 marks, that is, there is a total paper of 1750 marks. On the basis of the marks obtained in these seven papers, the final final merit is prepared.


After giving all these exams, it is the turn of the interview which is also called as the personality test. In the interview, only you are asked related questions and at the same time, the test of physical answer is also taken. Your self-confidence and decision making power in difficult times is also kept in the interview. The most difficult process in these exams is the interview itself, in which most people fail.


  • Indian Foreign Service salary is based on their rank from 12750 to 90000.
  • Indian Forest Service salary ranges from 15600 to 67000.
  • The salary of Indian Revenue Service is up to 80000.
  • The salary of Indian Railway Traffic Service is around 1.5 Lakhs.
  • Apart from the salary, the government employees of group A and group B also get many facilities and they also get a lot of respect in the society.

Eligibility for UPSC Exam

Here we will tell you that what are the qualifications for a student who wants to appear in the UPSC exam.

  • You should have at least 70% marks in Intermediate exam.
  • You should have 60% marks in graduation exam.
  • You can also appear in the last year of graduation.
  • Your age should be minimum 21 years and maximum 30 years.

how to apply for upsc exam

  • Depends on your eligibility to apply for UPSC exam and application forms are same for all exams Other syllabus for UPSC exam may be different
  • If you have to apply for more than one exam, then you have to give separate application form for all the exams. UPSC exam is conducted every year in the month of December.
  • Application forms along with syllabus are available at all Head Post Offices of the country. For this UPSC exam you should send the application form along with the acknowledgment card.
  • UPSC exam is one of the most difficult examinations, it has the status of the highest examinations in the country, for this it is very important to have self-confidence in the student.

How to prepare for UPSC exam?

If you want to pass in UPSC exam then you have to prepare for it in coaching center and if you have self confidence then you can pass in this exam because to clear any exam you have to have self confidence. It is very important that when you will not be able to believe in yourself, then you cannot pass in any exam. To pass in UPSC exam , first you should know its syllabus, then study the question papers of the last three to four years. And it should be seen that what kind of questions come in this, after seeing all that, if you want to prepare, then you can do it or else you can prepare by taking admission in any institute, it depends on your ability.

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