What is TRAI and know full name of TRAI (TRAI Full Form)

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What is TRAI | What is the full name of TRAI? TRAI Complaint Number Kya Hai | What is the function of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

Friends, today we will tell you about TRAI and will also tell what is its full form because in today’s era of communication, consumers have to face a lot of trouble, that is why the Government of India established TRAI to protect the consumers. Communication should become more leading and India’s identity can be counted as a good communication country. The main objective of TRAI is to make everyone equal, whether it is telecommunication service or consumer, that is why we are telling you about it today.

What is TRAI ?

TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is an independent regulatory system established by the Telecom Regulatory Body of India Act 1997 to oversee the telecom industry in India. (( What is TRAI ))TRAI ‘s mission is to create and nurture conditions for it. Its purpose is to spread the telecommunications system, to promote and correct broadcasting and cable services in the country, to play the role of keeping the emerging information forward. It conducts surveys from time to time to ensure whether the telecom service providers are acting in the interest of the consumers and complying with the responsibilities of the service. The functions of TRAI are mentioned under Section 11 of the TRAI Act.

What is TRAI
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What is the full form of TRAI?

The full form of TRAI (( What is TRAI ))is Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, it is called Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in Hindi. As per the Amendment Act of 2000, the functions of TRAI are divided into four broad categories which are recommendations on various issues, regulatory and general administrative functions, setting tariffs and rates for telecom services and any other functions assigned by the Central Government. can do.

trai  full form
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Establishment of TRAI

TRAI is a type of organization, which was started on 20 February 1997. TRAI is such a body, in which a chairman and minimum two and maximum six members are included and they are appointed by the central government but only the chairman is included in TRAI, who is a judge of the Supreme Court or he is the first Should have lived, in addition to this or he is or has been a Chief Justice of a High Court or has previously been. At the same time, those members are included in TRAI, who have got full experience in special knowledge and professional in any of the fields of telecommunication, industry, finance accounting, legal management and consumer affairs and have knowledge of everything. .

Objectives of TRAI

  • TRAI remains focused on its goals and objectives and aims at providing the regulatory system with whatever kind of facilities it can to achieve the objectives of Telecom.
  • Implementing telecommunication system in the country and providing fair and transparent policy to see that communication is not being used at high cost to the consumer is the best in the world.
  • (( What is TRAI ))TRAI allows service provider companies to be fair, transparent, speedy and equitable. Rebalancing tariffs to meet the objectives. To protect the interests of consumers and address common consumer concerns.
  • Monitoring pricing and quality of service. To encourage operators to spread telecom facilities in remote and rural areas. Its main goal is to provide new facilities to the operators in view of the increasing demand for TV channels.
what is TRAI
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Functions of TRAI

Friends, here we are telling you about the works of TRAI which are as follows.

  • TRAI has the responsibility to forward the recommendation to the Central Government within 60 days from the date of request for recommendations.
  • And within 7 days it is the duty of the Central Government to proceed with the proceedings till the date of request of TRAI.
  • Even the central government can issue notice to the service provider.
  • The Central Government can send back the recommendations made by TRAI for reconsideration if any amendment is required.
  • TRAI may respond within a period of 15 days from the date of reference.
  • TRAI reserves the right to inform at what rate telecom services are being provided in and outside India.
  • It is the duty of What is TRAI to ensure transparency while exercising its powers and discharging its functions.
  • TRAI has the power to call for information and conduct investigations under section 12.
  • TRAI also has the power to issue directions under Section 13.
  • TRAI has also issued notice for registration of consumer associations on 21st February 2013 to strengthen the framework for interaction with consumer organizations.
  • Recently TRAI has introduced 3 mobile apps and web portals for voice, data quality and tracking.

important point

  • When a customer has to make a complaint against a telecom operator, he makes his complaint to TRAI itself.
  • After this, if any operator violates the given roll, regulation, then TRAI can take action against him.
  • TRAI works to recommend timings and requirements for new service providers.
  • TRAI performs the task of recommending the service conditions of the license for a service provider.
  • It facilitates competition in the operation of telecom services and works to promote efficiency in achieving success in these services.
  • It examines the equipment used in the network and obtains information about the usage of the equipment by the service providers.

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