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What is monkey pox virus, how dangerous is it?

What is monkey pox virus

What is Monkey pox virus, how dangerous is it ? for the this, Monkey pox virus spread by monkeys, now we will tell you in this blog how much danger it is for the world Together we will also tell you what are the symptoms of Monkey pox virus.

how much is simple from Monkey pox ?

Monkey pox is caused by a virus which is a virus of the small pox family which is mostly seen in Central and West African countries.

There are two main strains of this virus

1. west african 2. Central African

Symptoms of Monkey Pox-

Early symptoms of Monkey pox include fever, headache, back pain, swelling and muscle aches.When there is a fever, a rash may appear on the skin, which starts from the face, later it can occur in other parts of the body, usually it appears mostly on the palms and soles of the feet, there may be more itching and pain on the rash.

where can this infection come from?

Monkey Parks can be passed from an infected person to another health person through close contact with an infected person through the skin or through a cut, eye, nose or mouth.

Monkey pox virus, how dangerous is it?

* It can also be a Monkey pox infection during sex.

* It can be infected from monkeys, rats, cats and other animals to any person with this Monkey Parks virus.

How dangerous is monkey pox virus?

So far, mild symptoms have been seen, sometimes it is like smallpox and gets cured on its own.

How likely is the monkey pox virus to spread on a large scale?

Year 2003 Cases in AmericaCases in Nigeria in 2017
81 Cases172 Cases

What is monkey pox virus, how dangerous is it? In 1958, the Monkey Pox virus was first found in monkeys, which was the first time the virus was seen. In 2003, the Monkey Pox virus arrived in America and other countries through monkeys.

what is the treatment of monkey pox?

There is no specific vaccine for the treatment of monkeypox, but the small facsi dose vaccine provides an 85% benefit for the treatment of monkeypox. and no other antibiotic drug is used separately.

The WHO said that the recent cases of Monkey pox virus are uneven.

***This infection can be cured in 14 to 21 days.



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