What is Computer Virus, How to Remove Computer Virus?

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What is Computer Virus, How to Remove Computer Virus?

Virus Kya Hota Hai | how to eliminate computer virus Remove Computer Virus | What are the types of computer viruses?

Friends today we Computer Virus is that computer viruses are talking about and how to eliminate it can not rule out the presence of computer viruses in the round today, because if the computer Internet is an Internet virus also We are telling you all the information about how the Internet virus reaches the computer and what are the measures to prevent it from causing harm to our computer.

 What is Computer Virus, How to Remove Computer Virus?

What is computer virus? 

Computer viruses are not self-generated, they are programmed, which are prepared under a malicious software program. The purpose of creating a computer virus is to change the computer operating system and damage them , it can come in your computer in many ways . So executes your code in the computer and it attaches to any file or program on the computer, it can hang, slow down and damage your entire system.

What is Computer Virus, How to Remove Computer Virus?
  • What is Computer Virus, How to Remove Computer Virus?

What are the types of Computer Virus ?

There are many types of computer viruses, but we are telling you some special ones about which it is very important for you to know.

web scripting virus

Web scripting virus damages the computer system the most, this virus can attack your device in many ways, it can damage the computer device by attaching to many website links, advertisement video images, on many similar websites that we When clicked, it is automatically downloaded to your computer along with it and can also send you to such a website, their danger is more through social messaging app.

browser hijacker virus

This virus changes the settings of the browser without your permission, after which you have to go to the website you want to access, it takes you to the infected bed website, due to which your system can also be damaged.

network virus

Network virus can spread through the Internet and local network. These viruses make the network slow, it can have side-effects such as your device’s programs and network connection get completely damaged if it enters your system very fast. The system that becomes difficult to operate hurts us the most.

Malteepartait virus   (Multipartite virus)

This virus damages your computer program files very rapidly, it can infect both the boot sector and program file folder at the same time, so it is more dangerous in comparison with other viruses, it can spread infection with the help of files and your system. , can damage files and programs simultaneously.

What is Computer Virus, How to Remove Computer Virus?

History Of Computer Virus

  • The computer virus was first invented in the year 1971 by engineer Robot Thomas .
  • The virus was first named Creeper virus .
  • Thomas himself did an experimental program to infect the mainframe of ARPANET . After this virus infected the system, it used to display many messages on the screen “I’m the creeper: Catch me if you can.”
  • Elk Cloner was the first to track down the original wild computer virus.
  • Elk Cloner was the first to infect Apple II operating systems via floppy disks .
  • Just in 1982, this virus was developed by Richard Skrenta .
  • In the year 1983 , Fred Cohen was the first person to name Malicious Programs as “Computer Virus”.

What is the cause of virus in computer?

There can be many reasons for getting Computer Virus in your computer device, which we are telling you below.

  • Sometimes when we are doing some browser, we see some advertisements and it is written on them that your device has computer virus and you are using antivirus software.

After downloading, some people hastily click on it, due to which the virus comes.

  • This computer virus can come while downloading any software from an infected website.
  • When you install any software, the software asks for its permission from you and you keep on burning it, in that condition also computer virus can come.
  • Computer virus can also come through email, when you open an e-mail and open a file attached to it, then its chances of getting it increase.
  • Someone else’s pen drive can also enter your system through DVD.
What is Computer Virus, How to Remove Computer Virus?

certain antivirus software

You can install certain software to remove virus from your computer and this software should be pad software or premium software.

  • K7 antivirus
  • Quick Heal
  • Avast
  • Norton
  • McAfee
  • Avg antivirus
  • Guardian total security

So friends, here we told you what is a computer virus and in what way it comes in your system and to remove it you should use antivirus, we also tell you some special antivirus by installing which you can protect your device. can keep.

how to prevent computer virus

  • Install antivirus and antispyware software and keep it up to date.
  • Do antivirus software scans daily.
  • Do not click on . sent via email .
  • Install a hardware-based firewall.
  • Secure your network.
  • Think before you click.
  • Do not use open Wi-Fi.
  • Keep your files backed up.
  • Use Strong Passwords.

Malware viruse

The full name of malware is malicious software . It is a software that causes a lot of damage to computer programs. And it is a very bad software which once entered in your computer system can completely destroy it. There is a virus that slowly destroys the data of your system. They come from many places in our system. The virus enters our system very quickly through the Internet. We all use Pendrive, CDs, DVDs in our computer. When we connect Pendrive and CDs to our computer to take data from other places, then malware comes into our computer from all these things and destroys the data of our computer.

Rootkit Viruses

This rootkit virus is like a malware virus that the secretary installs in an illegal rootkit infected system. A door opens for this which gives them full control over the system. This function can be modified or disabled by any program. This virus is very easily bypassed by antivirus software, which requires a root kit scanner to catch it.

Polymorphic Viruses

This virus is used for cybercriminals . There is a virus that can very easily change or mutate the underline court without changing any basic function or features and at the same time without changing any basic function or features. Whenever someone does a BTech with Anti Malware Virus

With this, it does not even come under the grip of which anti-malware. Whenever an anti malware detects it, it modifies itself which makes it very difficult to catch it

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