What is BPO ? and how to become BPO (BPO Full Form) – Complete Information

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What is BPO? How to become BPO | what is full form BPO | How to apply for job in BPO. What are the Types of BPO Call Centers

Friends today (( What is BPO ))we BPO ‘s show about what is full of how to become BPO form. So as you know that unemployment is very high in our country India and degree holders are roaming unemployed, they have degree but do not have a job, so we are telling you today about BPO, the degree holders who are educated in it. He is a graduate, B.Tech, M.Tech, BA B.Sc. MSc, B.Com, M.Com, he can do this work but he can also do those people who are 10th or 12th pass, just they should have communication skills, so let us tell you what is BPO?

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What is a BPO in simple words?

Friends, before telling what is BPO, we are telling you the full form of BPO in simple words? the full form is Business Process Outsourcing. Through the BPO process, we involve a third person in our management through a contract and through an office that includes domestic products, human resources, financials and accounting. Call centers work under customer care service front office outsourcing. If we promote a company in our country and want to promote it outside the country then it is called Offshore Outsourcing and if we are working for a foreign company then where does it go to Nearshore Outsourcing. Its purpose is to provide employment to the people.

What is BPO ? and how to become BPO (BPO Full Form) - Complete Information

What is BPO in call center?

For any company to tell about its product, a source is needed to give its information. For example, when we call our service provider ie SIM card company, then the customer care officer talks in it, the one who gives us the information is called call center customer service, in the same way some foreign companies sell their products in India. The call centers here are hired and they get money as commission, no special degree is needed in this, if you have passed high school inter and your communication skill is good that you can speak Hindi English well then you Can work in call center BPO service or call center is the same thing.

Best Career Option In BPO

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(( What is BP ))There are two types of BPO call centers one is international and the other is domestic call center. To do a job in an international call center, your English should be very good, only then you will be able to be successful, whereas if your English is not very good in a domestic call center, you can still get a job easily. Because in domestic call centers most of the customers speak in Hindi only. Apart from that, you must have some knowledge of computer and good typing speed. If you want to do job in BPO in call center then you must have qualification.

  • You do not need to be highly qualified to work in a BPO company, but you can work in a call center even after school or college.
  • You don’t even have to be a professional to do this, just you should have good communication love of the commune and should be able to talk to the customer.
  • If you are technically qualified in IT then you can try for Technical Support Professional.
What is BPO

Advantages of BPO Call Center

  • Less educated people have good life communication skills. You can remove your unemployment.
  • Outsourcing company gets staff at low cost.
  • Due to cheap staff, the company makes more profit.
  • Educated unemployed people get employment.
  • You can open a call center office in any small or big city.
  • BPO call centers do not have to put much effort for training their employees.
What is BPO

In which fields can you work

  • Operations Management
  • Content Management
  • Research And Analytics
  • Legal Services
  • Training And Consultancy
  • Data Analytics

Disadvantage Of BPO

  • The chances of data privacy breach are high.
  • Here the running costs are under-estimated.
  •  There is a lot of over-dependence on the service providers.

bpo salary

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The average salary of a BPO executive in India is around 202380 per annum. Having the same experience is also very important for salary. If you have good experience in this field, then along with increasing your salary, your chances of promotion also increase.

Types of BPO Call Centers

Different companies of the world work in different sectors, yet here we are telling you how many types of call centers or BPO centers can be.

Onshore Outsourcing

When we enter into a contract with a company in our own country, it is called onshore outsourcing.

Nearshore Outsourcing

When we enter into a contract with a company from a neighboring country, it is called Near Shore Outsourcing.

Outshore Outsourcing

When we do outsourcing with a foreign company like USA, Europe then it is called outshore outsourcing.

How to make BPO

To make a BPO, we should know something about what are the categories of BPO.

inbound bpo

When we make a call or contact through the Internet to order a company’s product, it is called Inbound BPO.

outbound bpo

When a company tells its representative about its product and promotes its sale to the customers through the call center for the sale of its product and they call the customers, then it is called outbound BPO .

BPO registration

We have to register BPO under a limited company, for which it is necessary to have a PAN card of the company and a bank account in the name of the company.

How to apply for job in BPO?

(( What is BPO ))BPO Call Center can be of two types Domestic Call Center and International Call Center If you do not know English very well in Domestic Call Center then you can get work in Domestic Call Center, you should have good communication skills in Hindi but if you If you want to work in International Call Center, then your English communication should be good for it, it does not require any special degree. So in this way you can apply for job in BPO call center.

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