What is Bonafide Certificate and how to make BonaFide Certificate sitting at home?

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What is Bonafide Certificate BonaFide Certificate Kya Hota Hai | How to Create Bonafide Certificate | Bonafide Certificate Application Form | How to Download Domicile Certificate | BonaFide Certificate Apply

Friends, as you know that if you go to take admission in a bank, school and college or to open a bank account, then different types of documents are asked from you. Which gives accurate information about you. These are documents such as certificates, identity cards, birth certificates and in many other places, all these documents are very much needed. Apart from all these documents, there is another certificate which is very important, it is called BonaFide Certificate Do you know what is a Bonafide Certificate? Most people do not know about what is a Bonafide Certificate ? When to use BonaFide Certificate and where is it needed? or how it is made

What is a BonaFide Certificate?

BonaFide Certificate is also called Domicile Certificate, it means to show the authentication of your location. Certificates are given to all the students studying in the school . It is useful in applying for government jobs. If you have a bonafide certificate at the time of government job, then you can easily apply in it. Bonafide certificates are used in many other places . Earlier it was made offline, but now its process has been made online so that people do not face any problem and they can get their bonafide certificate done sitting at home.

What is Bonafide Certificate

Where is the BonaFide Certificate used?

Where is the Bonafide Certificate used, let us tell you.

  • At the time of government job :   Whenever you apply for a government job, it is mandatory for you to have a bonafide certificate.
  • Higher education received to the order:   If you want to get the higher education you will need bonafide certificate will be mandatory for him.
  • Scholarships to the order:   If you have received scholarships from schools and colleges bonafide certificate for his mandatory.

What are the documents required to get Bonafide Certificate?

Friends, have you got a Bonafide certificate made, do you know what documents are needed to get a BonaFide certificate ? If not, then let us tell you which documents are mandatory for Bonafide Certificate?

  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Birth certificate
  • mark sheet
  • ration card etc.
  • If you have all these documents available then you can easily get your Bonafide Certificate made.

What is the process to create a BonaFide Certificate?

Friends, if you also want to get a bonafide certificate , then follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the official website:   First of all you have to go to the official website which is given below.
What is Bonafide Certificate
  • Login:   After opening the website, you have to login by clicking on Login. After login, you will see the icon of e-mitra new. Click on it, after clicking you will be taken to the dashboard.
  • Go to the service option:   After going to the dashboard, when you will go to the service option, then there you will see the benefit service application option, click on it, then a new page will open in front of you. On the new page you will see a search box.
  • Type a bonafide certificate in the search box. In the   search box you see, type a bonafide certificate and do a search. Now you will see a picture where you have to fill all your information like Aadhar card and eMitra registration number.
  • Click on the detail button:   After filling the eMitra registration number, you have to click on the detail button, click on it, a profile page will open in front of you.
  • Fill the details:   Now on this page you have to fill all your details. Fill the information and click on save button.
  • Click on Next Button:   After clicking on the Save button, you have to click on the Next button. When you click on the Next button, you will be asked for a copy of your passport size photograph or other documents. Upload the copy of documents or photo and proceed.
  • Click on Save Button:   After filling all the documents, now you have to click on the save button, as soon as you click on the button, you will see a pop up message saying that your form has been successfully saved.
  • Pay the Fee:   After filling all the documents, now you have to make the payment. Proceed to make payment and click on the button. As soon as you click on a button a page will open to you. There it will be written Add for Payment button, click on it and proceed.
  • Save Application Number: While making the   payment, you will see an application number, you have to keep that number safe and print out with you.
  • Print the Bonafide Certificate:   Through this application number, you can track your Bonafide Certificate whether your certificate is generated or not, see if your certificate has been created then take a print out of it.

How to get Bonafide Certificate Offline?

Follow the steps given below to get BonaFide Certificate offline.

  • Go to the tehsil of the district: To   get the Bonafide certificate made, you have to go to the tehsil of your district, there you will get the form of BonaFide Certificate .
  • Fill the details:   You have to fill all the details given in that phone, fill the details carefully.
  • Take a ticket from   Tehsil : You will have to take a government ticket from Tehsil after pasting it with the form.
  • Attach your documents : After pasting the ticket, you have to paste all your documents with the form.
  • Submit the form in the tehsil:   Now you have to submit that form along with the documents to the tehsil. After this you will get the original residence certificate in a few days.

How to get Bonafide Certificate print out?

  • To take the print out of Bonafide Certificate, you have to first visit the official website where you applied for your original residence certificate.
  • After going there you will have to look in the section of All Services, here you have to click on the option of Print Bonafide Certificate.
  • After clicking, a new page will open in front of you, on this page you will have to enter the application number. After entering the application number, you have to click on the print button. In this way your Bonafide Certificate will be printed.

How to Download Domicile Certificate PDF?

  • To download the Bonafide Certificate PDF, you have to go to the website’s account and click on your profile.
  • After clicking, click on the document and open the file. After opening the file, you have to click on the option of PDF in the download option.
  • In this way the PDF file of Bonafide Certificate will open in front of you. You can download it by clicking on the download button. 


I hope friends, have you understood through my article what is bonafide certificate and how to fill it offline online? In future also, I will keep providing you information through my article like this.

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