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What is BLO || BLO Kya Hai | BLO Full Form | How to make BLO What is the salary of BLO? What are the functions of BLO. BLO Name List

As you know, when the country’s elections are approaching, some difficulties related to elections arise for all the leaders. Through which they have to face a lot of problems in taking the election till the end. Keeping this in view, the Election Commission has appointed BLOs in the constituencies. Through this, all the problems arising in the elections are solved in advance, due to which the process of the Election Commission is completed properly. So friends, do you guys have complete information about BLO? If not, then today we will tell you through our article what is BLO? What is its full form? If we are going to provide complete information about how to become, work, salary and qualification, then you must read this post of ours till the end.

What is BLO – BLO Kya Hai

The full form of BLO is  BOOTH LEVEL OFFICER . It is called Booth Level Officer in Hindi language . Their job is to successfully carry forward the elections in the areas at the grassroots level by the Election Commission. It is always the endeavor of the Election Commission that the process of elections in India should be done in a very simple way, for which the Election Commission wants that its hold can be strengthened in every field at the time of elections. So that they can be successful in guiding the voters properly and complete the entire process of election successfully without any hassle. Keeping this in view, the Election Commission elects BLOs in all the constituencies. BLO jobs are government jobs and semi government jobs.

The persons who are in the post of BLO are given complete information about the constituency so that they can successfully complete the election process in a certain area by using the regional information.

What is BLO

How are BLOs made?

To become a BLO, it is very important for the citizen to have maximum information related to the election, because the person doing the job of a BLO has to do the work related to the election. Apart from this, he also needs to have more knowledge about the society , which can help him a lot in doing his job. This post of BLO is a big post, in which good salary is also provided to the person along with respect.

Functions of BLO

  • The main function of the Booth Level Officer is to make all the voters of his area aware of all the information related to elections and votes.
  • It is the booth level officer, who solves all the problems related to elections to all the voters of his area.
  • BLO provides all types of information related to card or election. So if you face any such problem, then for this you can contact the BLO of your area and get the solution of that problem. 
What is BLO

What should you do if your name is not included in the voter list?

Your name can be deducted from the voter list due to many reasons, if you have changed the place of residence or you have shifted to a new city in connection with job / business, then your name can be removed from the voter list. If the Booth Level Officer (BLO) comes to your house to check the voter list and he does not get correct information about you, then your name can be deducted from the voter list. So you have to provide the correct information to the BLO Officer.

Monthly Salary of BLO

About 7500 rupees per month is provided to the person in the job of BLO. But right now the BLO officer says about this salary that it is a very low salary according to the present time. That is why all the BLO officers are demanding to increase their salary.

BLO’s Annual Honorarium

The Election Commission at the polling station level

The annual honorarium of the officer (BLO) has been increased by Rs.2000. Now they will be given Rs.5000 per annum increased from Rs.3000. State Chief Electoral Officer Shrikant Valgad had come to Faridabad on April 24 to take stock of EVM security and condition of counting centers for Lok Sabha elections. Then the constituency

Naresh Kumar Pankaj, Assistant Election Officer and District Panchayat Development Officer, had told the honorarium given to the BLO is low. After that it was decided to increase the annual honorarium of BLO to Rs.5000.

Eligibility to become BLO

  • Only those people are eligible for the post of BLO, who are part of any government dance or are a person working in the field.
  • Those people are eligible for the post of BLO who are appointed under which section Project Asian of People sec-1950
  • Only those eligible for this post are those who are representing at the grassroots level.

BLO’s duty will no longer be taken from teachers

Now the duty of Booth Level Officer (BLO) will not be taken from teachers in the state. By writing a letter to the Elementary Education Officer on behalf of the Election Commission , instructions have been given to relieve the BLO from this work. However, before this, the Supreme Court ruled in a case on December 6, 2007 that the duty of BLO cannot be taken from the teacher in the academic session. After this decision of the Supreme Court, the Government of India issued an order on 13 September 2010 prohibiting teachers from not taking BLO duty in school time. Even after this, this duty has been taken from 15 thousand teachers in the state.

The teachers who can be appointed as BLO are given below:-

  1. anganwadi worker,
  2. Patwari / Amin / Lekhpal,
  3. Panchayat Secretary,
  4.  village level worker
  5. electricity bill reader,
  6. postman,
  7. Auxiliary nurses and middle-wives,
  8. health worker,
  9. midday meal worker,
  10. contract teacher,
  11. corporation tax collector,
  12. Clerical staff (UDC/LDC etc.) in urban area CEO should instruct all DEOs to take utmost care while posting Semi Govt. BLO to the employees The credentials of these workers must be thoroughly verified to ensure that they do not have any political allegiance.

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