What is an SDO Officer- SDO Full Form, How to become an SDO

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What is an SDO Officer. SDO Officer Kya Hota Hai | How to become SDO | SDO Full Form Kya Hoti Hai | What is the work of SDO officer? sdo officer salary

In today’s time, almost every person wants to earn money as well as get respect, so today’s youth are more like to choose jobs in government sectors than private sector. Because in government jobs, along with job security, many more facilities are available. But getting a government job is not as easy as people think. They say that hard work is very important to be successful in any work, in this way, to get a government job, one has to go through a difficult exam. So let us then today we will provide you all the important information related to one such government post which is called SDO Officer. If you are also willing to become an SDO officer , then definitely read this article of ours till the end because it will help you a lot.

What is an SDO Officer?

SDO’s Fulform “Sub Division Officer” is meant that Hindi language “sub -vibagiy official” call. SDO officers are appointed in every department of the state whether it is electricity department or police or irrigation department etc. An SDO officer is appointed in every city and district of almost all the states of the country, who works to run the government system in a good way. The elections for this post are done by the state government . The main task of every SDO officer is to check the work done by the department in which he has been appointed and to check all their files in a good way.

 The work of an SDO officer is very responsible because no work can be done without an SDO officer. SDO officers work under the state and their appointment is also done by the state government.

What is an SDO Officer-

Functions of SDO Officer

  • The main task of every SDO officer is to check the work done by the department in which he has been appointed and to check all their files in a good way.
  • Along with this, it is also the work of the SDO that all the work of his department is going on properly or not.
  • No work of the department can be done without the investigation of the SDO.
  • The main function of the SDO is to run all the work of the government department smoothly.
  • The appointment and selection of this post is done by the state government.
  • The SDO of each department is different. Like police department, electricity department, irrigation department etc.
  • Along with this, the SDO also listens to the complaints of the small officers when they come by the public.
how to become sdo

sdo officer exam

To become an SDO officer , you have to go through three examinations out of which two examinations are written and the third and final stage is of interview. If you successfully clear all these three exams then you will be appointed for SDO Officer but if you fail in any one exam by mistake then you cannot be appointed for this post. So if you are interested in becoming an SDO officer then you have to work very hard.

1- Preliminary Exam

First of all, you have to give preliminary exam in the first step in which there are 2 papers and both these papers are of 200 marks which means in total you get 400 marks for this paper. This question paper consists of multiple choice questions. The upcoming questions are related to Maths, Reasoning, and General Knowledge.

2- Mains Exam

Now let’s talk about the second paper, you can give this written paper anytime when you pass in the first paper. This exam is also written.

In which you are asked questions related to Hindi, English and communication.

3- Interview

Students who pass in the first and second exams are called for interview. Interview is taken to test your Self Confidence Communication Skill Mental Ability. In the interview, you are also asked questions from the subject of your graduation and many general knowledge questions are also asked.

sdo officer salary

By the way, the salary of an SDO officer is around Rs 23640, in which many other facilities are also provided. After adding all the facilities and allowances, a salary of up to Rs 51378 is available per month. Whereas the salary of a senior post officer is more than this. Apart from all this, other facilities such as accommodation, free telephone facility and a government vehicle are also available.

Eligibility Of SDO Officer

  • To become an SDO, you must be between 21 to 30 years of age.
  • On the other hand, OBC and SC, ST category candidates get age relaxation of 3 and 5 years.
  • To appear in the SDO exam, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.
  • To become an SDO officer, students of any discipline can apply like medical, engineering, commerce, arts but they must be a graduate.

How to become an SDO officer

As we told you that this is a government post and its appointment and selection is done by the state government. The selection of SDO officers is done through the Civil Services Examination and this examination is conducted by the state governments only. Every year in almost every state, the Public Service Commission conducts the exam for the selection of SDO and interested candidates can fill this exam form and give this exam. And the second way is through promotion also you can become SDO. This means that if an employee is working in any department of the civil service, then in view of his work, he can be made an SDO officer by promotion .

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