What is a network hub? How does a network hub work?

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What is a network hub? How does a network hub work?

What is a network hub? How does a network hub work? What are the features of Network Hub? Types Of Hub In Computer Network.

Friends, today we are telling you about Network Hub , how it works and where we use Network Hub . Today’s era is the era of computer and internet and every kind of work is being done on computer with the help of internet. When we work on multiple devices, a network device is required to connect them. With the help of network devices, multiple ethernet devices are connected to each other. Hub in this network device is a device that connects Ethernet devices to each other. It works to connect with each other, this is called a network hub. 

Table of Contents

  • What is a network hub?
    • How does Network Hub work?
      • Hub Type
      • Active Hub
      • passive hub
      • intelligence hub
    • Advantages of Network Hub
      •  Disadvantages of Network Hub
    • Features of Network Hub

What is a network hub?

Network Hub is called a network device which is used to connect multiple devices, due to which data is exchanged among themselves. Network Hub amplifies and regenerates the signal. Hub has multiple ports. Because of this, it is also called multiple port repeater, like network switch and rotor, your routing table and intelligence is not found, that is why it is called network hub.

What is Network Hub
What is a network hub? How does a network hub work?

How does Network Hub work?

When we are working on multiple devices then a host sends the frame at that time hub works to send frame to all port network hub does not differentiate type of frame when Uni Cast or Multicast or Broadcast send all frame to all port The frame that works for forwarding accepts it, its MAC address is equal to the destination make address field of the frame, the rest of the host receives it and discards the best card. This is how Network Hub works.

Network Hub

Hub Type

Here we are telling you about the types of network hubs, they can be divided into three types on the basis of technology.

Active Hub

This hub does not require electricity to work, when the signal reaches to it, it regenerates the signal and at the same time increases the signal, this hub is used only as a connector, this is also called Multiport Repeater. goes.

passive hub

This hub works to forward the signal, in which case the signal is sent forward in the same position. It neither amplifies nor results in any channel, it is used only as a repeater.

intelligence hub

Whatever the active and passive hubs, the intelligence hub can perform all those tasks very easily. Intelligence hub helps the administrator to monitor the network traffic. It configures all the ports. The Intelligence Hub identifies the location of the problem.

Network Hub

Advantages of Network Hub

Here we are telling you the advantages of network hub which are as follows.

  • Network Hub works to support all types of network media.
  • It can be used by anyone as it is very cheap.
  • Using a network hub does not affect the network.
  • Different media types can be easily connected with the Hub.

 Disadvantages of Network Hub

When a technology has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages, so we are telling you about the disadvantages of network hubs.

  • Network Hub does not reduce traffic.
  • It cannot choose the best path of the network.
  • A network hub cannot divide the network into segments.
  • To reduce network traffic 

There is no hard ware of any kind.

Features of Network Hub

A network hub performs many functions, it is a network device and it has many features which we are mentioning below.

  • Hubs range from 4 to 24 port sizes.
  • Hubs are operated in Half Duplex Mode.

So friends, we have told you what is a network hub and what are its types and how does it work, so hopefully you must have understood well about the network hub.

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