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Reuel stop playing with these niggas

[Verse 1: MoneyBagz Buzz]
Stop playing
Bitch, have you ever seen a hundred hundreds? (Tenball)
Yes I’m seventeen with a lot of money
It’s a couple niggas hating but they bitches love me
Before I ever go broke, I’ma rob a junkie
Knock, knock, I’m at your door, where’s Ling Ling?
Not 24 carat pissy, it’s a bing bing
It’s four in the morning off a six ounce
If she ain’t tryna suck no dick, kick the bitch out (Get the f*ck out)
I just made a twenty ball in less than seven days
To be a millionaire you gotta get it seven ways
I’m on my sixth, I’m just tryna check the seventh play
Stand sixty bitch I coulda been dropped a chain (Sixty bands)
Yes bitch I coulda been dropped a coupe
But I flood the trap with birds like a pigeon coup
Bought ten Percocets then I took two
TSA don’t know shit, I can get it through (Get it through)
Ayy MoneyBags ayy

[Verse 2: DaBoii]
And I ain’t answering my phone right now, I’m occupied
Can’t you see me checking traps? I gotta count the flies
Don’t you come up over here ’cause I do not advise
I got so high I was scared to sleep, thought I was ’bout to die
Bitch I’m back up on that shit like I’m a f*cking fly
And I ain’t f*cking with them niggas on the other side
Bitch I look like a BB dub, and got some thunder thigh
You ain’t no demon niggas sweeter than some pumpkin pie

I coulda slipped in nigga’s house and tied his mama up
You bragging ’bout a hundred ball, that shit is not enough
Like who the f*ck beat up my pants? My pockets knotted up
I put that shit up in the pot it got to rocking up
When we heard suckas in the party, got to rocking up
Your plug got fentanyl in his percs you niggas get shot with us
And I won’t even bust a knock if he don’t cop enough
Your stomach’s fiddling when I’m sliding, I got a lot of guts
I know a lot of different ways to make your money dub
Yes my bitch a neat freak but this a muddy cup
Your mans got on a pink bandana he a funny thug
I catch you f*cking with them suckas, catch a sluggy slug
I told a nerd I had some mac it was a eight of tricks
Nigga even when I’m lying I ain’t faking shit
Got your bitch star struck I told her, “Make a wish”
Before she made it I was gone ’cause I had pay to get
And I just can’t do any feature, what’s your resume?
Poured up a six I don’t remember nothing from yesterday
All big bills, this shit heavy, you niggas featherweights
I bet this forty cook a opp and make ’em rest the plate
I’ll send a nigga up and make ’em rest in space
I’ll send a nigga up into the heaven gates
Oh your nigga love to flex? Then baby set the play
And let a nigga touch the ice, he gon’ be dead today bitch

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Songwriter(s): Moneybagz Buzz, DaBoii


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