How salt is made?

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How salt is made – In our ordinary life, we use salt. Today salt has become a very important part of our life.

No vegetable is made without salt. Two tastes are most important in our food, one sweet and one salty.

And brine cannot be made without salt and salt is made from sodium and chlorine.

Both these ions are very important for our body, sodium is very much.

If it is not there, our body does not function properly.

That is why the salt which is very important for our life, how is it made?

This is very important for us to know. If there is no salt, then our muscles, our nervous system will never be able to function properly.

Let us know what is salt and how is it made?

How salt made

You must know that the sea is salty. But do you know why the sea is salty?

Actually the sea is salty because different types of rivers in the sea come and meet in the sea from all over the world.

When rivers pass through the land. So with her many minerals she falls into the sea.

And with him, even with stones inside the sea, minerals continue to meet in the ocean. That’s why there are a lot of minerals in the sea.

And salts are actually minerals that are formed by mixing acids and bases.

Now what happens in making salt? There are sea shores to make salt, some beds are made on the sea shore.

how is salt is made?

In which the sea water is collected and blown away by making the sea water steam.

And what is left is the salt.

Later from which it is refined and sold to the people.

Salt mines in India

Till now you did not know how salt is made. And now you know this.

But salt is not made only from the salt water of the sea.

Do you also know that salt is not only from salt water of the sea?

But there are also big salt food in the world.

And they are also found in the form of stones on top of the mountains.

They are also formed by the minerals deposited by the lakes on the banks of the lakes.

You will be surprised to know that Pakistan has the largest salt mine in Khyber.

Which used to be the biggest source of salt in India before partition.

There are thick layers of salt more than 100 feet in the ground.

But now there is a huge salt mine in Himachal’s Mandi in India, from where salt is extracted.

There is a layer of salt more than 150 feet thick at the place named Gunma near Mandi.

But 10 to 15% silica is also mixed in it.

Which is not fit for human consumption. Apart from this, the second source of salt in India is Rajasthan.

Where there is a very huge pit near the Sambhar lake, where water collects.

Which is salty water. Sambhar is a salt water lake.

That’s why a lot of salt comes out from here too.

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