Home Web post What is the treatment of cancer, absolutely fine in just 8.5 lakhs

What is the treatment of cancer, absolutely fine in just 8.5 lakhs

What is the treatment of cancer, absolutely fine in just 8.5 lakhs

What is the treatment of cancer, absolutely fine in just 8.5 lakhs

In today’s time, the name of cancer is enough to create fear in any human being.

Once the person who gets cancer and gives up the hope of living, the reason for this is also that there is no guaranteed cure for cancer, which is the treatment, it is so expensive that it is not a matter of the common man, then the disease is common. Doesn’t look special.

What is the treatment of cancer, absolutely fine in just 8.5 lakhs

What is this medicine and how was it made, what was found in the research? And how was this medicine manufactured and what are the side effects of this medicine, what will be the price of this medicine, why is this medicine needed in India, before this how cancer is treated, today we will tell you completely in this blog Gonna tell.

What was found in the research

Let us tell you that during the experiment in America’s Memorial Solan Kettering Cancer Center, cancer treatment was com pletely cured.

18 patients were included in this whole process, who were given a drug for 6 months. After 6 months, his cancer was completely cured.

What is the name of that drug for the treatment of cancer? Which 18 patients were given medicine for 6 months..

The name of the 18 patients on whom
the experiment was done is Dostarlimab glxy injection.

How was the drug Dostarlimab manufactured?

The New Hork Eimees reported that Dastarlimab was manufactured in a research lab which is a Molecules.

For information, let us tell you that in this experiment, only one medicine was given to the right patients battling the same level of rectal cancer, which after 6 months, the result was completely cured for the cancer patients.

The doctor of The New Hork Eimees told that this was the first time in the world of cancer that happiness spread in the medical world.

According to a report, the patients involved in the clinic were fighting many painful treatments for a long time to get rid of cancer, that treatment was not effective, but then 18 patients joined thinking that now they have something to lose. On the one hand, it was found in the next level of his treatment that now there is no need for further treatment, that is why doctors and patients were all surprised about the fact that it did not show any side effects.

What is the cost of dostarlimab?

popular two countriesAmerican Briten
Price8 lakh5 hundred 887 pound
any country average price8.5 lakh average8.5 lakh average

It remains to be seen how effective the Dostarlimab drug will be for the whole world.

But why was this medicine needed?

Let me tell you that there has been a continuous increase in the cases of cancer in the world, so the need for this medicine is very high.

Does India need cancer medicine?

The situation with cancer in India is very bad.

Nation Cancer Registry programne India ke mutabik The way cancer cases are increasing continuously, it cannot be avoided that by the year 2025, cancer cases in India can increase from 1.39 million to 1.57 million. Therefore, cancer medicine guarantee in India. There should be medicine.

about this Dostarlimab medicine, we hope that this medicine 100% will prove to be effective.



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