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10 Online Colleges That Practically Pay You to Attend || online schools that pay you to attend

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As a concept, getting paid to pursue higher education is as exotic as they come. ( online schools that pay you to attend ) Going to college has actually become synonymous with school loans. However, there is a growing trend – led by some leading colleges – that is ready to flip the script once and for all.

Whether you’re using bursaries, scholarships, grants, or financial aid, the following 10 colleges will practically pay you to attend.

1. Beria College

A Christian college located in the heart of the American South, the program catalog at Berea College includes everything from broadcast journalism to physics. And, thanks to its extensive network of donors, it also covers remarkable college tuition.

This is true! Kentucky’s Berea College hasn’t charged students tuition since 1892—and has no plans to change that anytime soon.

Beria’s mission is to provide quality liberal arts education to students who normally could not afford to participate. This means covering tuition costs of approximately $44,000 per year.

2. Columbia University

Columbia University, through Columbia Online, is committed to providing education and resources to students, wherever they are. There is a growing demand for online education from accredited US colleges, and Columbia University is ready to deliver. Columbia’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Professional Studies, Social Work, Business and Arts and Sciences all offer online opportunities for those seeking distance experience.

Better yet, they offer financial aid through sponsorships, AmeriCorps Rewards and even a tuition waiver program. Support comes in handy, considering that the average cost of tuition is north of $60,000.

3. Athabasca University

Next, a Canadian university with a propensity for offering a quality, distance learning experience. Located in the city of Athabasca, Alberta, Athabasca University was founded in 1970 and was the first school in the country to specialize in distance learning.

As such, the University of Athabasca offers a staggering number of online courses and programs. In addition, the school offers prospective students the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate and post-grad degree with one-time professional development courses.

Students can apply for scholarships and bursaries as well as a number of applications, nominations and student awards to help cover their online tuition costs. Although annual fees can vary greatly depending on the program, students located outside of Canada can expect to pay around $15,000 per year to participate digitally.

4. Cambridge University

The world’s fourth oldest university is not afraid to adapt to the demands of the market. Founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge calls the United Kingdom home. In addition, its distinguished alumni include 110 Nobel laureates, 47 heads of state and 190 Olympic medalists.

Looks expensive, doesn’t it? Incredibly, access to his lectures, short films and interviews is completely free. iTunes U, a subsection of Apple’s popular marketplace, allows anyone with an iPhone and Internet connection access to hundreds of hours of both video and audio-only educational content.

5. Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University is a private Christian liberal arts college that operates out of Nashville, Tennessee. But you don’t have to travel to Music City to enroll or graduate. Lipscomb’s list of online offerings is ever-growing. Plus, thanks to their one-day behavioral assessments and prior learning credits, you can earn your online degree in as little as 16 months.

Don’t let the “private” title deceive you, earning a degree at Lipscombe University can be cost-effective. In fact, 99 percent of freshmen receive some sort of financial aid, with the average package coming in at $24,000. This is unbelievable when you consider that the cost of tuition can be only $4,800 per four-month academic period.

6. edX

A revolutionary online learning platform, edX offers an astonishing number of practical course and program experiences from some of the most prestigious colleges in the world. The site features courses from over 160 member universities including:

  • Harvard;
  • Berkeley;
  • University of Texas System;
  • Australian National University, and;
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • Better yet, many of their select courses are completely free. Finally, a price point that everyone can agree on.

7. Bethel University

Of all Bethel University students, 98 percent receive some form of financial aid. Calculating how much you might qualify for is as easy as punching a few numbers into their handy net worth calculator.

A private evangelical college, Bethel University was founded in 1842 as a Baptist seminary in Macklemoresville, Tennessee. The school’s in-school and online offerings in a total of over 50 fields of study make it so easy to discover and learn everything about your field of interest.

8. University of Southern New Hampshire

Earn your associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree from the comfort of your home thanks to Southern New Hampshire University. At $320 per credit, SNHU’s tuition cost is among the lowest in the US. Plus, the school will let you transfer up to 90 credits from other schools to help save you time and money.

Figuring out a plan to pay for it is as simple as working with a member of the school’s student financial services team. SNHU will work with you to help make your education as affordable as possible. In addition, they can help you apply for grants, bursaries and financial aid.

9. University of Arizona Global Campus

While the University of Arizona Global Campus calls San Diego, California, home, you can earn an associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree from anywhere. Formerly Ashford University, the University of Arizona Global Campus offers accelerated courses, allows you to transfer up to 90 accepted credits, gives you credit for work/life experiences, and does not require any standardized tests or application fees. is not required.

Although undergraduate credits average $510 each, students can significantly reduce costs through scholarships, grants, employer tuition assistance, and financial aid.

10. University of the People

The University of the People is a historical institution. It is the first non-profit, US-accredited, tuition-free online university. Online degree programs include business administration, computer science, health science, and education.

While the university is tuition-free, there are still some fees that students must pay. Fortunately, they are all quite affordable. It also includes:

  • a $60 non-refundable application fee;
  • $120 assessment fee for undergraduate courses;
  • $240 assessment fee for undergraduate courses, and;
  • $17 for each approved transfer credit.

If students need help paying these fees, the University of the People offers a plethora of scholarships that students can apply for.

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