What is IIT?, know full information

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Hello friends in today’s post we will tell you that iit kya hai  , iit kya hota hai , iit ka full form kya hai , jee main kya hai , iit se kya banta hai , iit ka full form, iit kitne year ka course hai , iit kya hai in hindi ,

we will know about all this in this post if you have passed 12th and want to study further in engineering field then you should do

iit but before doing iit you should know about it which is We will tell you through this post, so let’s know what iit kya hai 

What is IIT? What is IIT, know full information


What is IIT? What is IIT, know full information

If you India I would like to Engineering India  Engineering Iit to receive education of institute is considered the best

iit institute it as soon as I entered the wrench is every student’s desire, but iit institute I have as good to admission It is also difficult , you have to work very hard to get admission in it

and that is why every year lakhs of students work hard and similarly if you also want to make your career in engineering

then today we will tell you through this post that  What is IIT??Why should IIT do????, History of IIT,IIT colleges and how to prepare for iit and complete information about it

What is IIT? What is IIT, know full information

iit kya hai ( what is iit ) what is IIT?????

What is IIT? What is IIT, know full information

The full form of IIT is {Indian Institute of Technology}. which is also called Indian Institute of Technology. The examination of IIT is conducted every year. There are total 23 IIT colleges in the country , which we get after clearing the IIT entrance exam .

By doing engineering from here, you get very good packages, through IIT colleges , students become very good engineers and they get good packages in out of country (foreign). In IIT exam.

There is a question paper of physics, chemistry and mathematics, and for the preparation of IIT exam, there are many exam centers in which you can go to prepare for the exam.

What is IIT? What is IIT, know full information

Educational Qualification for taking admission in IIT 

To get admission in IIT, you have to get top 20% marks in 10+2 i.e. 12th in your board exam can go for this exam. 75% mark for IIT admission is compulsory .

It also changes from time to time. lives and it is decided on the basis of the evaluation of all the boards of the country and if you talk about age in IIT, then your age should be 17, for this some relaxation is given to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and disable

IIT entrance exam

If we talk about exam then from 2013 onwards IIT entrance exam is conducted in 2 parts. 1 .JEE MAIN 2.JEE ADVANCE
First of all, if a student wants to apply in IIT , then he has to first give JEE Mains paper, after qualifying JEE Mains, he can apply for advanced . 
About 1.5 lakh students appear in the advanced exam every year and only 10 thousand students are selected out of them and now we talk about the pattern of the exam, you have to give 2 types of papers in it. 

>First paper BE and B-tech means that there are 30-30 questions of mathematics, chemistry and physics and each question is of 4 marks, then it means total 90 questions and total score is 360 marks.

> Talking about second paper, then B arch and B planning means it has 30 questions of math which is 120 and 50 questions of aptitude test which are of 200 marks and drawing test has 2 questions which is 70. consists of numbers and its total time is 3 hours. 

What is IIT? What is IIT, know full information

Benefits of IIT 

1. Easy Placement After doing IIT, you easily get a good job and you also get good placement 
2. Good facility i.e. you are also given very good facility through IIT, you get good lab to study and computer facility is also given. 
3. Get respect for yourself If you do IIT and your relatives and your friends come to know about it, then you get a lot of respect and respect from them 
4. Provide free benefits You get 10 to 20% discount in private restaurant in IIT campus and also provides facility of free doctor consultation 
5. Learn more things i.e. in IIT, the student gets to learn many things apart from just engineering research, you are also taught about management finance and social skills. 

What is IIT? What is IIT, know full information

IIT entrance preparation 

(1) —  When you start preparing for IIT entrance exam, then you should never compare yourself with any other student, it does not matter what anyone is. What you are makes a difference to you, so you should focus your attention only on yourself and make your goal .

 (2) — Whenever you prepare for IIT entrance exam, you must do self-exam, meaning you take your own exam and solve the model paper honestly in the stipulated time and see for yourself how many questions you give the correct answers. Stay and prepare accordingly.

(3) —  Confidence, you should always keep your self-confidence high, that is, you may not get success in the first chance, so at such a time, I should never let your hoslo fall down, but rectify your mistakes. Prepare yourself foWhat is PGDM course? 

(4) — In  any exam, we get the prescribed time only, so you should understand the importance of 3 hours of the exam and keep your objective that what you have got in this time i.e. all the questions in 3 hours. If you have to solve, then just keep preparing yourself for it.

(5) —  To prepare well for self health care IIT, good sleep is very important to you, so follow these things well so that you will get help in fulfilling your goal.

(6) —  Internet, news, current affairs, success student’s interviews are very important to prepare for IIT exam, so you should take help of all these and prepare for IIT.

(7) —  How many hours do you have to study to prepare for the planning IIT entrance exam. When to study and what to study, make a good list of all these points and follow it sincerely.

(8) — For  IIT exam, 45% of 11th and 55% of 12th questions are asked, so you should do your 12th studies keeping this in mind so that you do not have much difficulty in preparing for IIT in future.

(9) — To  prepare for the IIT entrance exam, study in detail, that is, take care of even the smallest things and study with full focus.
The limit of admission in IIT is up to 3 times, meaning you can apply 3 times to take admission in IIT. In Orissa, Madhya Pradesh it is different. If you want to take admission in IIT, then you always keep watching its latest update.

What is IIT? What is IIT, know full information


(1) IIT Delhi

2) IIT Kanpur

3) IIT Bombay

4) IIT Madras


5) IIT Kharagpur

6) IIT Gandhinagar

7) IIT Roorkee

8) IIT Ropar

9) IIT Hyderabad

10) IIT Jodhpur

11) IIT Patna

12) IIT Guwahati

13) IIT (BHU) Vanaras

14) IIT palakkad

15) IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

16) IIT Goa

17) IIT Jammu

What is IIT? What is IIT, know full information——-

 Conclusion –

Friends, in today’s post we have learned iit kya hai , iit kya hota hai , iit ka full form kya hota hai, jee main kya hai , iit kitane year ka course hai, iit kya hai in hindi, 
Friends, IIT is India’s biggest technology institute, in which it is the dream of every student to study and if you also have this dream, then you should also work hard from your heart and take admission in IIT institute. 
And I hope that you must have understood that What is IIT??? if you liked this post then definitely tell us by commenting and share with your friends

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