What is CVV number? How to know CVV code of any card?

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What is CVV number? How to know CVV code of any card? What is the full form of CVV ​​code? how to find cvv code of any card CVV Number On SBI Debit Card | How CVV Number is generated

Friends, today’s topic is. What is CVV number Have you ever shopped online or paid any bill online? If yes then you guys must know what is CVV number? But there are some people who do not know everything about CVV number. Today we will tell through our article that what is CVV number? Friends as you know. Whenever you pay online by debit card or credit card. So at the time of payment, you have to enter your debit card number, last date, your name and CVV number, only then it can be paid. If you do not enter the number in the CVV, then you will not be paid.

Table of Contents

  •  What is CVV code?
    •  History of CVV ​​Codes

 What is CVV code?

CVV Court is called by many names like Security Code and Card Verification Data Card Verification Number etc. It is a security feature of a transaction. It is used to reduce credit card fraud. CVV through a security feature where you enter your PIN . Cannot get printed on card so CVV is printed on your card for security.

 History of CVV ​​Codes

 CVV UK was established in 1995 by equifax i micheal stone. This concept was taken up by the UK Association for Payment Clearing Service and after that they made it a 3 digit code. Who in American Express started using this court in 1999? And in 2016 a new e commerce technology salt motion court. Introduced why this code should be changed every hour.

 Where is the CVV Number found?

 The CVV code is mostly a last-seen digit code found on the signature spray at the back of the cut. But American Express cards do have a four-digit code that is found on the front of the card. Diners Club Discover JCB MasterCard Visa Card Debit Card Credit Card is the security code and this code is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card. Is.

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Why is CVV code important?

The CVV code is used to protect the card. So that no person can misuse your card details in online banking . If seen in the true sense, by using this card, we can avoid many types of frauds and frauds. While shopping through phone and internet, we are asked for CVV number, through this process it is known whether the person who is ordering has the card or not. And if your card is stolen somewhere, then your CVV number also reaches that person.

 How to find CVV code?

 To find the court in the TV, reading your card on the reverse side, you will see a 16 digit credit card number or a 3 digit code, this 3 digit code is your CVV number which is called the card security code.

What is CVV number? How to know CVV code of any card?

 Can we give CVV number for online payment?

 Yes you can give CVV code for any online shopping. If it is your trusted website then and anyway you can give the number in TV on your phone. You just have to take care that no one else can see or hear that CVV number except you.

How is CVV Number generated?

 The CVV number is generated from a bank from which you take the card. Of course encrypted card number and expiry date secret encryption is given to you with whom? No one else knows about him through the bank?

 Should the CVV code be hidden?

 Yes, on TV, the court should keep you completely hidden. You cannot give it to anyone, it is a different matter that if you are getting a payment from your own people, then you can tell them. But you should not tell anyone on credit card number CVV number expiry date and debit, these things should be kept private.

 Is the CVV code stored on the magnetic strip?

 The CVV code is a 13-digit number code that appears on a Visa credit or debit card. The CVV is stored on the card’s magnetic strip

Why is CVV number used?

 Whenever you do any transaction with credit card or debit card you have to enter three digit CVV code because CVV code is acronym of card verification value it is always used for every transaction. Because this does not put you at risk of any fraud. In a way, there is a security code for you.

 Is it mandatory to have CVV code?

 It is not mandatory to give CVV code, it is up to you whether you want to take it or not. Sometimes many customers don’t take the spot apart from their credit card number and expression date.

Deffrence Of CVV / CVC

1- CVV

The full form of CVC is Card Verification Value . This card is used by Visa.

2- CVC

The full form of CVC is Card Verification Code . It is used by MasterCard.

CVV number

For your information, we would like to tell you that CVV number has 2 parts – CVV1 and CVV2.

CVV1 function is used for the current transaction which shows that the card is being used by the card holder only.

CVV2 is used by online merchants to complete the payment. In this case the card holder is not physically present. For example, when payment is being made through call, email or internet. Most of these payments are made nowadays. In most of these the card holder is not physically present.

CVV number is not linked with ATM PIN 

There are many of us who are confused about CVV number and ATM PIN. Most of the people who do not know about the CVV number remain confused. Those people think that the 4 digit PIN of debit card and credit card is the same CVV number. That’s why we would like to tell you that the CVV number has nothing to do with your ATM PIN. This PIN is used to access the account while the debit card is being used at the ATM machine.

Be it debit card or credit card, it is clearly written in it that this card is not valid without signature. Along with this, it is clearly written above the magnetic strip that they cannot be used for foreign exchange in Nepal and Bhutan.


 Friends, I hope that you have understood through my article, what is CVV number and why should it be taken and where do you get it, I will try that in the same way, I have been providing information about many things in the future. .

What is CVV number? How to know CVV code of any card?

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