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What is amoxicillin side effect?

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Today we will tell you about amoxicillin side effect, so let’s get complete information about this amoxicillin medicine.If you want information about amoxicillin side effect, then you have to read about it below.

There are side effects of amoxicillin medicine which are as follows:

  • Stomach ache
  • Bloating
  • Bood in the urine
  • Bloody nose
  • Chest pain
  • Bilistering, peeling or loosen at the skin
  • Tarry stools
  • Leg , back pains

Also a common side effect of amoxicillin is a yellow reading of the teeth which is normal which may clear up with brushing.

This is amoxicillin tablet?

What disease is amoxicillin tablet used for?

Amoxicillin tablet is commonly used to treat bacterial infections.This amoxicillin tablet is prescribed for chest infection, sore throat, any type of urinary tract infection, hona and ear infection and this amoxicillin drug along with other antibiotics.

How long does it take to take amoxicillin?

When you take amoxicillin tablet, this medicine slowly kills the bacteria in your body. Your condition may improve after few days.

Usually it may take 4 to 5 days to take this tablet.

What should you avoid while taking amoxicillin medicine?

Interactions can occur when you take this medicine immediately before or after food and if you use tobacco or any other form of smoking and alcohol then you should consult your doctor about the tablet. Do it well;


What is name of the best antibiotic medicine for bacterial infection?

The best antibiotic medicine for bacterial infection is Vancomycin. Which is being used by doctors for a long time.

Today in this blog post we told you what are amoxicillin side effect? And we have given the answer to the questions going on in your mind in this article, if you want to know about any other tablet, then definitely comment.

What is amoxicillin tablet price 500mg?

amoxicillin 500 mgprice

What is the Amoxicillin 500mg For STD Dosage?

The amoxicillin drug is given by std for 7 days but you should take msd 500 mg on your doctor’s advice on your doctor’s advice.

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