What is a DGP, how to become a DGP – Know eligibility, salary and selection process

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What is a DGP, DGP Kya Hota Hai | How to become DGP DGP Ki Full Form Kya hai | DGP Salary | Qualification of DGP. DGP selection process

Friends, as you know that in order to achieve success in life, you have to go through many difficulties. And to go to the government post, the post of DGP is the highest, only an IPS person is eligible to become a DGP. Today I will tell you through my article what is a DGP and how to become a DGP officer? Everyone aspires to get the post of IPS DGP. The post of DGP is considered to be the highest post of the police department, do you know what to do for the post of DGP. You people must know that what is the selection process to become a DGP and many people will not know that people must be thinking that what has to be done.

What is DGP?

DGP is a three star rank and highest ranking police officer in India. The full form of DGP in Indian State and Union Territories is DIRECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE DGP is the head of the police force in every Indian state, he is also called State Police Chief. Which is a cabinet selection post. DGP is called Director General of Police in Hindi. DGP is the person who takes the responsibility of maintaining law and order in his area completely by using the officer he has got.

What is a DGP

What does 3 star mean in police?

 DGP in India is the 3 star rank and highest rank police officer of Indian states and union territories. Every DGP is an IPS officer. DGP is the head of police in Indian states.

  Procedure to become DGP

 After working in the office of the filed for about 15 to 12 years, an IPS officer is eligible for the posts of Inspector General and depending on the number of years in service and achievements, an IPS officer becomes eligible for the post of Director General of Police and Director General of Police. Is.

What is the qualification required to become a DGP?

 To become a DGP, a person must be a graduate. After that you have to go through the UPSC exam, under the UPSC exam you become eligible for IAS IPS DGP and other posts. You can become a DGP officer only after clearing the exam.

What is a DGP, how to become a DGP – Know eligibility, salary and selection process

What   is the salary of DGP ?

The salary of DGP is according to his post. You can guess from the name itself that how much is the salary of Director General of Police. The higher the salary of the DGP, the more responsibilities are always there, he performs his responsibilities well. The Director General of Police gets salary from ₹ 56000 to ₹ 225000 per month on grade pay.

  What is the age limit of DGP ?

  • For DGP post exam
  • The age limit for general category should be minimum 21 years and maximum 30 years. There is an age relaxation of 3 years for OBC category.
  • There is an age relaxation of 5 years for SC and ST.

What is the work of DGP ?

  • The task of GDP is to maintain peace and order in the state in which it is located.
  • The task of GDP is to meet the state government and take forward their work.
  • The entire police department in the state has to be kept under its control.
  • To keep law and order under control in all the districts of the state.
What is a DGP, how to become a DGP – Know eligibility, salary and selection process

How long does it take to become a DGP?

An officer can become a DGP when he has spent 30 years as an IPS officer.

How to prepare for DGP

If you want to become a DGP and you have applied to become a DGP, then you will have to work very hard for it.

  • If you also want to become busy then first of all you have to focus on its syllabus.
  • To pass this exam, you have to focus on the most general knowledge and strengthen your general knowledge.
  • You have to read the regular news paper and also listen to the news so that you can get all kinds of information and it is also necessary to know about the current affairs.
  • For self study, you have to set a time limit that I will study at this time every day.
  • Do go through the old exam papers that have come in the last 3 years and try to solve them, design what you don’t know and study on it.


 I hope you have understood through my article that how DGP is made? What is his selection process? In the same way, I will keep telling you about more topics through my article.

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