What is a Custom Officer and how to become a Custom Officer – Full Information

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What is a Custom Officer. Custom Officer Kya Hota Hai | How to become a Custom Officer |Custom Officer Salary | What is the qualification of Custom Officer? Customs Officer Eligibility

Friends, today we are telling you about a customs officer, what is a customs officer and how to become a customer officer, we will give you complete information about this and if you also want to serve the country by becoming a customs officer, you have this passion. If yes, then you can also do it, we will tell you everything. Custom department is such a department without whose permission no goods can go out of the country nor can it come inside the country. Goods are also imported, that too is checked, in this all the responsibility lies with the customs department.

what is customs officer

The work of a customs officer is very responsible, if it is seen, it is similar to the work of the Income Tax Department because without customs, neither goods can be imported nor exported, the responsibility of checking them is with the customs department. It belongs to the officers and it has to be seen that any such item which is banned cannot go outside the country and which can come inside the country, if any such item which is banned and is being smuggled, then you have to get it immediately. This is a very strict duty, the duty of the Customs Officer is mostly done to keep an eye on the things of export and import happening by airport and sea.

What is a Custom Officer

how to become a customs officer

To become a customs officer, first you have to pass the UPSC Civil Services Exam. After selection, you can try to join IRS. Government of India organizes these exams. All India competitive exam comes under this. After selection, you can join IAS, IFS and IPS . This is the toughest exam and Custom Officer is also made after clearing this exam.

Eligibility to become Custom Officer

We are telling you below the necessary eligibility to become a customs officer.

  • Must be graduate.
  • Age limit should be between 20 years to 30 years.
  • Must have at least 55% marks in graduation.
  • Must be an Indian citizen.
  • Must have driving license
  • Must have a clean image, no criminal record.
  • Must have communication skills.
  • It is necessary to have all the information related to internet computer and communication.

Based on these general qualifications you can apply for this exam.

Syllabus to become a Customs Officer

The Indian Custom Officer Syllabus consists of the papers which are of 200 marks, all the questions are of objective type, it includes the subjects of General Knowledge Current Affairs English Language, History Geography, Social Science and Environment. After clearing the Civil Services Aptitude Test, you are eligible to appear in the Main Examination.


It is very important for you to have a good personality to pass in the interview. And it is also very important for you to have good communication skills, you should have tremendous knowledge on every subject, every question should be answered immediately, this shows your brain abilities.

physical fitness test

It is also very important for you to pass in the physical fitness test, in which your height should be at least 158 ​​cm and your chest should be 81 cm, age should be between 21 years to 30 years.

How to become a costom officer

What is the salary of Custom Officer ?

The pay scale of custom officers is according to their rank, according to this, the salary of each officer can be different, in the beginning of the salary can be ₹ 42000 month, as your rank increases, so does your pay scale. Custom The salary of an officer holding the post of an inspector in the department can be 55000.

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