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[Remix of Sosa Superhero Flow by Sosamann]

This shit bang too hard..
Oh… What.. Yeah.. Ayy… Oh… What.. Yeah.. Ayy..
Oh.. What.. Yeah..
Somebody called Sosa in that mo’f*cker (Ayy)
Know’m sayin’ (Yeah..) Y’ever feel like a superhero? Batman, Superman, nah im sayin’..Spider-Man.. hah, The Sosamann, hah.. like a mo’f*cker.. sweat.. I’m sauce..

[Verse 1]
I am connected like WiFi (Ayy)
Hit the blunt and get sky high
Smoking spinach just like Popeye
Walk him down don’t do drive-by’s
All on his neck like a bow tie
Why do they hate I do not know why
I’m right with my nigga like four tires
He said he’d wrestle got caught with a close-line
Go get thеm racks and I put it in rewind
Chill with the hunters hanging a bia
Bе with the punters feel like i’m Eli
This is a classic ain’t talking bout Reebok
He actin dramatic and I do not see why
Put three on his chest they calling him an ayah
Get hit with a bat they think that i’m A-Rod
Lil nigga you whacked with a day-job
(Know’m sayin’, yeah man gonna tell a broke ass nigga take your prick ass to work.. know’m sayin’.. be on time beat man, gonna get yourself some mo’f*ckin’ cash.. hah, know’m sayin’.. Oh.. Sauce.. HEY!…)

[Verse 2]
This style is unique
Choppa is just like a broom sweep the nigga off his feet

She popped her a perk dancer a freak, (Aye)
Sucked me till I went to sleep
The plug he a nerd got hit for some keys, (Aye)
Quad banging on the beat
I be with them birds they chucking up please, (Aye)
In the Glock got a lemon-squeeze
Can’t f*ck with him he actor
I bought me some shoes they made of pterodactyl
In the jungle like the snakes when they rattle
Niggas want beef i’ma smoke the whole cattle
Shooting my shot, jump throw the alley
I be with swoop made a play in the valley
Don’t want the bitch cause she living too average
I cook me a nigga like burger-patties (Aye, Yuh)
Cut off the nigga like Beijing
And if you wanna show gotta pay me
Don’t jump in the water cause it’s real deep
And you claiming that you ball but you lil-league
Lil-nigga you a pee-wee
Your whole clique yea they pipsqueaks
Denied me a bitch, I got it from Italy
I told her bonjour
I see the snakes, cutting the lawnmower
Can’t beef with a bum-boy
I stepped off the stage they gave an encore
An army like convoy
I walk to the mall and started an uproar
Get that money by lump-sums
I counted up cash, it just make me want more
Nigga want beef, your head we gon’ leave it cracked
Seven-six-two’s, it knock your whole ceiling back
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Songwriter(s): Sosamann


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