How to invest in gold?

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Are you interested in investing your money in a good resource and searching for an appropriate field where you can invest your money? If yes, then you are at the perfect place as investing in gold can be a good option if you are interested in financing your cash. You can invest in gold either offline or online. Supporting gold on the online platform is also known as digital gold, which is considered one of the most effective ways of investment, among other acquisition methods. Also, there are different ways one needs to proceed accordingly if he is a beginner so that he can reach his destination to complete his process of investing in gold. The prices of buying and selling gold are primarily dependent upon the daily expenses, and the rate varies from time to time. So, investing in gold all total makes it a better option investment. Gold is also considered a good asset since it has always worked against inflation in geopolitically turbulent times.

What are the different ways one can sell or buy gold in the investment process?

There are different ways in which one can invest in gold, and they are

• Firstly one needs to purchase physical gold, and there are two ways of doing this. The first step is to buy gold physically from any trusted jewelry shop. While doing this process, one should also ensure purity, safety, and quality during the purchase. The second way is to buy gold in the form of coins or any bars from a jeweler or a bank.

• Sovereign gold bonds, which the Reserve Bank of India issues, are another way of investing in gold. These are the kind of bonds offered in terms of a gram and also state the current rate of gold and the rate of interest. In this process, the person who has invested his money receives the value of gold after its maturity, and this process can be done through a bank post office and even stop exchanges. One of the advantages of investing in sovereign Gold Bond is that after its redemption at maturity, it is entirely tax-free.

• One can also invest in gold ETFs that are made online in which a broker usually involves a considerable amount of charges. One invests in physical gold or gold companies and funds in these ETFs.

• Digital gold is one of the most convenient ways of investing your money, as it is also known as pure gold in digital form. In this investment, the seller stores add an equivalent quantity of physical gold into a secured vault which is later reflected in the investor’s account. Also, the investor can later take physical delivery of gold However every way in the investment of gold; there involves different taxes and terminologies that one needs to understand before investing in it. So, it is always recommended to invest with someone’s consultancy.

• Gold mutual funds: All you need is an investment account with your money to invest your money in gold mutual funds. Then you can directly start investing by going through the different plants of gold mutual We can also use a Demat and another trading account to buy gold funds units from the bank or stock market.

• Since gold is recommended for investment because of its reliability in every case, investing in gold coins and bars is usually cost-effective and the better option for investment in gold.

What are the different advantages of buying or selling in the investment of gold?

Many advantages of investing in gold make one choose gold among other means of investment. they are

• Investing in gold usually acts as a hedge against inflation which further helps in lowering the buying power of the country’s currency. In India, investing in gold is prevalent too. Also, in our country, inflation seems to be exceeding the interest rate on different occasions, making the actual return on investment negligible or negative. Still, in terms of gold, the case is not similar.

• Investing in gold opens up multiple options for you to choose from. You should not be investing in gold only in physical form since there are ample options in which you can invest in gold that too in online mode.

• Investing in gold also helps in diversifying the portfolio. It decreases the investment risk and, over the league, reduces the volatility and the risk factor in your portfolio.

• One of the significant advantages of investing in gold is that it helps in high liquidity. Once you have purchased the gold, you can also sell it online when you need any funds quickly. Since gold is forever in demand, one can easily find purchases for physical or digital gold.


A. How do beginners buy gold?

You can invest in gold through CIMB’s e-gold investment account as it is an online account that allows you to invest in gold with maximum purity, unlike other physical gold. Also, there is a better option of liquidity in digital gold.

 B. Is it profitable to invest in gold?

Investment in gold, although a better option, returns rates are not always profitable because, in the case of physical gold or gold jewelry, it involves making changes that might not give you a good return value.

C. What can be a better way to invest in gold?

Investing in sovereign gold bonds is considered the most suitable choice if your plan is a long-term goal. Also, the entire investment is tax-free after its maturation making it the best option for investment in gold.

D. Is gold better than cash?

Investing in gold is a far better and more efficient option than cash. As the interest rates remain low and storing colossal money is not a risk-free option, investing in gold is a long-term stabilized investment.

E. Will gold ever lose value?

Although sometimes the price of gold can be volatile for a shorter term, gold has always maintained its value over a longer duration. It has also served as a hedge against all the inflation, making it a better option for investing.

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