How To Buy HDFC Stock From India

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Hello everyone welcome to your website. Earlier I have told you about Tesla stock, ford stock, Amazon stock, mutual funds, Asian paint, tata stock etc. If you want to know about them then definitely read the articles written by us on them. In this article we are going to tell about “How To Buy HDFC Stock From India” in today’s India HDFC is a major name. It’s has many companies like HDFC Bank, HDFC Securities, HDFC AMC etc. WE will starting this article with  Introduction and its history and at last complete with conclusion. if you want to know about Infosys more then stay with us in article.

Introduction and its history

HDFC is the one of the well-known and reputed company in India. It have many companies like hdfc security, hdfc bank etc. Hdfc started their journey with hdfc bank. This was established in 1994. In this time mr. Deepak Parekh and a worker of city bank mr. Aditya puri started a bank which is known as HDFC bank. “How To Buy HDFC Stock From India”  have also it’s history important. Aditya puri with many bank workers like Citi Bank private bank and man powers he started.

Policies of HDFC bank

If any company have to grow his company then it follows Innovative idea, hdfc bank also follow this idea and grown up. HDFC Bank started in 1994. HDFC was started in 1977 by Mr. Pareek. Later HDFC established the bank and established other companies. From 2000 to 2008, the country was growing very economically. In the meantime, many companies have paid attention to how to grow economically. All the companies were doing and increasing their infrastructure and increasing their business, meanwhile all the companies were competing to take loan because they needed loan to develop their company. If a loan is taken from a bank and it is returned on time, then the bank gains a lot, but if the office is not available on time, then the bank also suffers loss. HDFC being one of the banks Thapar HDFC thought it right to stay away from the corporate role. And gives loans to companies that require a short term loan for working capital. After 2008, many companies started going bankrupt and loans of many banks got stuck and thus the bank started going into loss but HDFC remains same and started growing.

Fundamentals of HDFC Bank?

HDFC Bank is a leading bank in India. It was established in August 1994 in Mumbai, India. HDFC Bank started functioning as a scheduled commercial bank in January 1995. Mobile banking is also available in Hindi. The maximum number of branches are located in Mumbai and New Delhi.

If we look at the market of the company, then the market cap of the company is 732756 crores. PE of company is 19.82. PB of company is 3.05. ROA of company is 1.90%. ROE of company is 16.61%. ROCE of company is 14.51%. the most important thing in “How To Buy HDFC Stock From India”  is to know about company fundamentals.

HDFC Bank organized 1,115 blood donation camps at 709 locations on 6 December 2013 in which 61,902 people donated blood which has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

A. Holding  and returns

Holding of promoter is 25.78%. Holdings of Foreign institutions is 43.00. Holding of DII is 17.19%. Holdings of MF is 16.28 % and other is 14.03 %. We have to see company returns minimum 6 months old because we should invest for long term. Last six month revenue of HDFC is -15.98%, last 1 year return of this stock is -6.68% l, last two year returns of this share is 45.68%, lat 3 year returns of this share is 15.23%,

B. Earning forecast and revenue forecast

For any stock that two are major reason where we have to point, first earning forecast and second revenue forecast.

How to buy and sell HDFC

 there are some process for that which you have to complete. If you are a beginner in the stock market, then first of all you have to open a demat account.

A. To open a demat account, you will need any stockbroker, you can open your demat account by joining a stockbroker. After downloading any broker app, you have to apply for demat account in it, for which you will need some documents like Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Photo, Net Banking, Bank Passbook. Remember your phone number should be linked with your Aadhar card, PAN card.

B. When your demat account opened, To buy stocks, you have to click in the search bar, then click on stock you want. if you want to buy it in equity, then click on delivery and add the quantity you want to buy.

C. Take and place order if you want to buy in market rate then you will get it in market rate if you want to place order in limit then you can do it in limit also. Once the order is confirmed, the stocks will be added to your demat account after t+2 days.

This is how you can buy stocks. If you want to sell the same stocks, then for that you have to verify to sell first, after verifying you can sell those stocks in the same quantity. They also need for “How To Buy HDFC Stock From India”.


1. Is HDFC Ltd a good buy now?

Expect the loan growth and asset quality to be at a steady rate.

2. Can I buy HDFC shares?

Open a DEMAT and Trading Account at HDFC Securities

3. What is current price of HDFC Bank Limited?

1,308.45 INR

4. Is HDFC share undervalued?

PB vs Industry: HDFCBANK is overvalued based on its Price-To-Book Ratio (3.1x) compared to the IN Banks industry average (0.9x).

5. Who is ceo of HDFC bank?

Sashidhar Jagdishan

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